jueves, abril 17, 2008

Every person in NYC

Los 40Fakes me han llevado de visita al blog de Jason Polan, un ilustrador que se dedica a dibujar cada día a una persona en la calle en New York. Simple y bello. Su texto de presentación no tiene desperdicio; ya sabes, si vas a NYC y quieres que te dibuje, solo tienes que quedar con él... seguro que alguna vez se te ha pasado por la cabeza la idea romántica de que te dibuje un artista, de que te tome fotos un fotógrafo, por la calle, porque sí. Tiene algo de poético...

I am trying to draw every person in New York. I will be drawing people everyday and posting as frequently as I can. It is possible that I will draw you without you knowing it. I draw in Subway stations and museums and restaurants and on street corners. I try not to be in the way when I am drawing or be too noticeable. Whenever I have a new batch of drawings I will post them on this blog. If you would like to increase the chances of a portrait of YOU appearing on this blog please email me (art@jasonpolan.com) a street corner or other public place that you will be standing at for a duration of two minutes (I will be on the corner of 14th street and 8th avenue on the North-east corner of the street from 2:42-2:44pm this Thursday wearing a bright yellow jacket and navy rubber boots, for example). Please give me more than a 24 hour warning and please make it a scenario that is not too difficult for you to accomplish (the corner outside of the store you work at during lunch time, or in front of a museum you were going to go to on a Saturday) because I may unfortunately miss you and do not want you to have to invest more than 2 minutes of your time in case I cannot make it. You may or may not see me drawing you during this time. If I do draw you, you will see yourself (or rather, a drawing that hopefully somewhat resembles you) on this blog that evening. When the project is completed we will all have a get together.

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